Who are we:

We are people who love dealing with people. We are eager to please, quick to work, creative in our thinking and imaginative with our solutions. Here at Unique we see things as they are, for now, but we prepare ourselves for what tomorrow may bring.

We are knowledgeable

We know what it takes to be successful. We can distinguish  between good and just not quite right. We know what a difference a new employee can make. Our knowledge can help you.

We are interested

We are interested in getting to know you organisation better. This is where our curiosity takes over! We want to know what the beating heart of your organisation is, what your missions are, what your accomplishments are and what your goals are. We mean it when we say we are interested.

We are helpful

We aim to assist you in making your working life a little easier. We want to help you find what your organisation needs to further succeed.

So how do we achieve this:

  • Unique goes the extra mile. For all those we deal with regardless to who they are, where they work or what they need. We can provide  a  specifically-devised and tailor-made training programme which in turn helps towards achieving a well organised work place
  • We inspire: We will work together to take the next step. We will  surprise you with our originality and our unique artistic touch.
  • We share: Sharing is the key to creating new knowledge, insights and surprising solutions. Together we will learn , and further develop. 

What we stand for

New opportunities, a better work place and satisfied customers.
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Are you looking for a job or new staff? Unique is specialized in the recruitment and selection of long and short-term office staff with a Bachelor or University level. Unique focuses on administrative, commercial, financial and secretarial positions. With more than 100 Unique offices in the Netherlands there is always an office nearby, please feel free to check out our vacancies.