Outsourcing specialities

Unique is the specialist for you when it comes to outsourcing your recruitment activities. Read more here about our outsourcing options for reception staff, in-house recruitment, alternative recruitment forms and MSP (Managed Services Provider).

Receptel for Reception Staff

Thanks to Receptel your reception is always manned with our best people. Reception services and hospitality are our specialties so we see to it that you benefit from this. We provide high-level reception services and ensure that your business associates experience your company’s warmth and professionalism from the very first moment of contact.

Inhouse Recruitment

Selecting and Recruiting the very best flex workers is our specialty. We see to your flexible employment needs in a quick and efficient way. Having an in-house service means being able to take advantage of the efficiency and cost benefits as well as ensuring short lines of communication and optimal coordination. In doing so you are able to outsource your recruitment activities whilst keeping everything under your own roof.

Special Recruitment

Do you continuously need a lot of new temporary staff or staff on a structural basis? If so then Unique Special Recruitment is the specialist for large recruitment. You can rely on tailored services and the advice of our professionals, who work as an extension of your organisation. Efficient, fast and transparent. Recruitment, sourcing, screening, selection, recruitment advice or talent pooling.

MSP (Managed Services Provider)

As Managed Services Provider (MSP) we see to it that you get a better grip on your company’s entire hiring volume and costs. It is our aim to achieve an efficient and effective hiring process, one that is also 100% compliant. Have Unique take care of all your hiring needs, including the contracting (and contract renewal) as well as the assessment of your suppliers.
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Are you looking for a job or new staff? Unique is specialized in the recruitment and selection of long and short-term office staff with a Bachelor or University level. Unique focuses on administrative, commercial, financial and secretarial positions. With more than 100 Unique offices in the Netherlands there is always an office nearby, please feel free to check out our vacancies.