Government and education

Stability, the right qualified employees and preferably people with experience. These are your parameters when looking for new public employees. Being able to count on the flexibility of qualified employees is particularly important. Unique knows just how to find the right people thanks to our years of experience working with the government. We know the culture and developments. Rest assured your vacancies are in good hands with us.

Staff for all positions and departments

Our extensive cooperation with government organisations means that we are able to find experienced people for the departments of civil affairs, public affairs, public order, security, spatial planning, social affairs, welfare and education. But also candidates for support positions such as administrative assistants, project support assistants and secretarial positions. A unique characteristic in our recruitment process is MentalityMatch™, a tool we developed (and continue to develop) with renowned research agency Motivaction. This enables us to ensure that you get the employee who is truly a good fit with your company. Let us know what we can do for you and we will help you quickly and efficiently.

How we can help

Our specialist services for the government are temporary staffing, secondment, payrolling and recruitment and selection. And we have provided large numbers of flexible employees for the federal government, municipalities, water authorities, provinces and public prosecutors. From policymakers to social support advisers and from supervisors to management support staff. How can we use our specialist knowledge to help you?

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