Foreign staff

Are the people you are looking for hard to find in the Netherlands? If so Unique International Recruitment can help you out. With our access to the largest job markets in Europe and our expert knowledge of the employment laws, your vacancy is in good hands with us. Unique International Recruitment knows the best international candidates for the logistics, industrial and technical sectors. Submit your vacancy here and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.

​How we work

Upon submission of your vacancy we will contact you to discuss the details. We will start our recruitment process thriving to have three suitable candidates forwarded to you within 72 hours.  If the position requires specialist work experience or knowledge we may need more time. This will always be communicated to you during our initial discussion regarding the vacancy. At Unique International Recruitment we always provide an honest estimate of the time we think it will take us to recruit for a given vacancy. We firmly believe in open communication and will therefore be keeping regular contact with you for progress updates.

We ​provide, you decide

We provide you with our best candidates but the final decision lies with you. You decide who to invite for an interview and eventually which candidate to hire. Together we can discuss the finer details of the contract.
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Are you looking for a job or new staff? Unique is specialized in the recruitment and selection of long and short-term office staff with a Bachelor or University level. Unique focuses on administrative, commercial, financial and secretarial positions. With more than 100 Unique offices in the Netherlands there is always an office nearby, please feel free to check out our vacancies.