Permanent staff

You are eager to hire the best employees on a permanent basis straight away. But how do you find them? Unique is there to offer a helping hand. We have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect employees for you – quickly. We have various ways of doing this because we believe in tailor-made solutions. Together we decide on the best solution for you. The final result is always the same: permanent staff that is a perfect fit. From good to just right.

We have various ways of helping you find permanent staff:

Recruitment and selection

The best new employees are found via Unique. Permanent staff that help your company grow as if it were their own company. Our years of experience in recruitment and selection are the answer for you. We provide the best candidates. All you have to do is choose. No cure, no pay.

Recruit on your own: search our database of CVs

If you wish to be more involved in the recruitment and selection of a new permanent employee, you can search our extensive database of CVs yourself for your perfect employee. This saves you money because you only pay a low fixed fee.

First as a temp, then on a permanent basis

To ensure that you have chosen the right candidate, we provide a combination of flexibility and certainty by hiring your employee first on a temporary basis. After a pre-determined period you decide whether or not to offer the employee a permanent contract if they are suitable.

Unique looks beyond the CV

Unique offers not only an excellent match based on the job requirements but is also the only agency in the market to offer the right match via MentalityMatchTM. This test, which we developed in cooperation with research agency Motivaction, paints a clear picture of the candidate’s personality. That way you can rest assured that the person is in fact a suitable fit for your corporate culture and department. Furthermore we always check two references when selecting a candidate.
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Are you looking for a job or new staff? Unique is specialized in the recruitment and selection of long and short-term office staff with a Bachelor or University level. Unique focuses on administrative, commercial, financial and secretarial positions. With more than 100 Unique offices in the Netherlands there is always an office nearby, please feel free to check out our vacancies.