Direct Recruitment

You can also apply straight away for a permanent job via Unique. Many of the companies in our network come to us for direct recruitment, which means that you will be hired by our client from the start date of your employment. We will quickly inform you of vacancies which are often only known within the companies. Which means you get there first. Unique will arrange your job interview and help you be as well prepared as possible. Browse our vacancies to quickly find your ideal job!

The benefits of direct recruitment via Unique

Imagine how inspiring it would be to work for a top company. We can help get you there. Before you know it you will be in a job that is just right for you. A permanent position, even. Our coaching will help you get through the application process with flying colours!

Various jobs and employers

Whatever your area of expertise, we know the attractive businesses and big names where you can get a job. But first we want to get to know you, because it is not just your CV that’s important. We want to know what drives you and what is really important to you. That is how we find the job that’s exactly right for you. Browse our vacancies or visit one of our offices to get tailor made career advice.