Working on secondment via Unique Multilingual means that you are employed by us but you will be working for one or several of our clients. It is varied work that enables you to gain a lot of experience in a short period of time. Unique Multilingual will provide the coaching and assistance to help you move forward. Browse our vacancies to quickly find your ideal position!

The advantages of secondment

When you work on secondment we will pay you a fixed salary every month, even when we do not have an assignment for you. The work is challenging, whether it is for a short or a longer period. This enables you to build work experience while enjoying the security of a fixed contract. Also the transition to a permanent position with one of your employers is an easy one because they already know you.

Whatever your qualities are

Whether you are good at working with your hands or more at home in sales, our extensive network comprises a large number of attractive and big-name companies you can work for. In addition Unique gives you personal attention to help you build your career. Browse our vacancies or visit one of our offices to get tailor made career advice.