Working in the Netherlands

Settling down abroad involves a lot of paperwork and The Netherlands is no different.
What do you need to arrange before you can start working? Unique Multilingual will be able to help you in any of the cases below, please view the items for more information.

  • Prior to moving to Holland, make sure you bring the following documents with you:

    • valid passport (for at least 6 months) or ID card (in case you are a European citizen)
    • official birth certificate
    • If applicable, official marriage certificate

  • apply for a Citizen Service Number (BSN)

    • Everyone born, residing or working in The Netherlands, has a registration number (BSN) You need this number in order to open a bank account, register for a health insurance, receive salary etc.
    • There are 2 options to obtain your Citizen Service Number (BSN):
          - If you do not have a permanent address in The Netherlands yet
          - Contact the Belastingsdienst +31 555 385 385 for an appointment

          Municipality: if you have a permanent address in The Netherlands
           - Register at the municipality where you are going to live
    • For registration, the following documents are required
           - Valid passport
           - Birth certificate with apostille seal
           - Dutch housing rental –or purchase contract
           - Marriage certificate (if applicable)

    • apply for a residence permit
    • apply for a work permit
    For more information on these permits, please click here
  • All adults living and/or working in The Netherlands are obliged to take a Dutch health insurance. Please note that you are obliged to apply for the Dutch health insurance as soon as you are registered at the town hall. The insurance company will invoice you for the months you have not signed up, but were already registered at the town hall.

    Once you have chosen a Health Care Insurance Company, you can register with them (often through an online application form). In order to register you need:

    • BSN Number (Social Security Number)
    • An address here in the Netherlands

    For more information on the Dutch health insurance system, please click here

    The following 2 health insurance companies provide services in English:

    CZ Zorgverzekeraar

  • Opening a Dutch bank account is necessary when you relocate to The Netherlands. It is necessary to go in person to the bank in order to open an account. Please note that the following items are required:

    • Valid passport
    • BSN
    • Employment contract
    • Proof of address

    These banks offer services in English:


  • Income tax

    The Netherlands apply a progressive tax rate, which includes that you will pay a proportionally higher amount of tax as your income increases.
    The following table indicates the rates that apply as of 2011.
    €18.945 33.10%
    €18.946 to €33.863 41.95%
    €33.864 to €56.491 42.00%
    €56.492 and more 52.00%

    Eg. If you earn a yearly salary of €40.000 you will pay 33.1% taxes over the first €18.945, 41,95% taxes over 14.917€ and 42% taxes over €6.136.
    Please note that your personal situation may affect taxation considerably, which could implicate a tax refund. For more information on taxation and tax refund, please visit:

    Value added Tax (BTW) = 21%

    The Dutch standard VAT (BTW) rate is 21%
    For some goods and services, such as food, beverages, medical aid etc., the 6% tax rate applies.
  • Unique Multilingual is admitted to the IND’s Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme. If you meet the requirements for working as a knowledge migrant in The Netherlands, or if you need your Search Year Permit to be changed to a regular Knowledge Migrant Permit, we would be able to arrange the necessary paperwork. Furthermore, we can provide you with advice regarding other work permits, the 30% tax ruling, administration and other procedures to follow when dealing with the IND.
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