Do you enter your hours via E-flexer? 

See what changes apply to you when it comes to entering your hours and viewing your payslips and annual statement.

Registration of hours
E-flexer is being discontinued. Your hours up to and including week 44 can be entered in E-flexer until Tuesday 5 November 2019 at 18.00 hours
You will enter your hours from week 45 (the week of 4 November) from Monday 11 November 2019 via your My-environment. You can also view your documents and payslips there. You will find an explanation of how this works in the portal.
From 11 November, you can also request leave via the portal. There is an explanation in the portal about how this works.

Payslips and annual statement
Until 31 December 2019 you will only be able to access E-flexer for your payslips and your 2018 annual statement. After 31 December 2019 you will no longer be able to access your payslips and 2018 annual statement via E-flexer. We recommend that you download and save them offline. Your 2019 annual statement will become available in your My-environment.

Do you have questions about these changes?

Please contact your Unique establishment or your contact for further explanation.