LIMES international is a tax consultancy firm that is a specialist when it comes to pragmatic solutions in cross border situations. As a niche player we provide companies and their employees as well as individuals with fiscal and non-fiscal advice.
We pride ourselves on our independence of any accounting and audit firm, the breadth of our technical knowledge, our extensive international experience and our short lines of communication. With our unrivalled team of over 45 highly experienced personal advisors, we offer you a full range of integrated solutions for all aspects of your cross border business.

LIMES international is a leading organization

Limes international is a leading orginazation in the area of fiscal matters and knows exactly what kind of tax-related issues you’ll be dealing with when it comes to cross-border activities. We are known for our pragmatic approach, broad expert knowledge and years of international experience.

For every international issue we can offer a specific and practical solution. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about optimizing your organizational structure, drawing up your international tax returns or split salary arrangements.

We know from experience that international problems don’t just intersect in the legal and fiscal areas, but also in practical matters such as work and residence permits, salary administration, pensions and insurance policies and HR. That’s why we offer you integrated advice on these diverse areas of expertise, in order to contribute to the success of your international activities.

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Al ruim 40 jaar is Unique hr-dienstverlener met oog voor het talent van mensen. Unique bemiddelt flexibel en vast personeel, geeft advies en leidt op. Met als doel een omgeving waarin kandidaten en organisaties succesvol zijn en blijven. Unique ontwikkelt talent en weet waar talent het beste tot recht komt. Want bevlogen unieke mensen tillen organisaties naar een hoger niveau. Iedere dag.