We are Unique
Are you?

We are Unique

Since 1963 we have been working with people and for people. In 1972 we came up with the name "Unique". A name that still suits us perfectly. We are unique in our enthusiasm and sincerity. We are doing just that little bit more, and that's the reason why many customers have been working together with Unique for many years.

We are not a regular employment agency, we are an HR partner. In our own, successful way we bring together recruiting and working in the Netherlands. We do not just take care of filling in vacancies or offering a job, we ensure new futures. Your future.

Unique and its surroundings

People are important! For Unique as an HR organization, where we work with people for people. Not only with our employees for clients, candidates and their families. But also for everyone around us. We are aware of the impact we have directly and indirectly on people, society and the environment. That is why we work in the most responsible manner possible.

For example, we reduce our CO2 emissions, combat child labor and, because we are also technical specialists, we work together with the Gered Gereedschap Foundation, for example.


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