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Exciting jobs in Utrecht: Discover them now!

Are you looking for exciting jobs in Utrecht or the surrounding area? Unique offers hundreds of vacancies at top employers in this bustling city. Whatever type of position you're looking for, we have it all. And did you know that besides regular positions, we also have many special vacancies in Utrecht? From event security officer to online marketer, and from logistics employee to technical inspector; you'll find it all at Unique.

Part time jobs in Utrecht

Looking for a part time jobs in Utrecht? Unique is happy to help you find a flexible job that suits you. Whether you're only available for eight hours a week or want to work a few days, we search for the perfect match, taking into account both your availability and your personal wishes and ambitions.

With various branches near Utrecht, we always have exciting part time vacancies near you. Whether you live in Utrecht city, in another district, or elsewhere in the region, we're eager to help you find your ideal part time job or side job. Apply directly, and perhaps we'll have a great opportunity for you soon!

Full time jobs in Utrecht

Looking for a challenging full time job in Utrecht? Then we have exactly what you're looking for! We have a wide range of full-time vacancies available in this vibrant city. Whether you want to work as a financial advisor, sales employee, administrative staff, or something else, we have the perfect role for you. Our goal is to find the best match between your unique skills and the perfect full-time position. This way, you elevate your career to a new level and optimally develop yourself.

Moreover, our experienced recruiters are ready to guide you in finding the perfect full time job for you. Whether you're a recent graduate or looking for a new challenge, we're happy to help you find a job that matches your ambitions and personality. At Unique, we look beyond just your resume; we want to know who you are and what you're looking for. Together, we'll find the full-time vacancy in Utrecht that suits you and where you can continue to develop yourself.

Looking for student work? Discover the best part time jobs in Utrecht!

Utrecht is not only a popular student city because of its many study opportunities but also because of the wide choice of student jobs in Utrecht city. Many students combine their studies with a part-time job to earn some extra money and gain work experience. Fortunately, there's plenty of work for students in Utrecht. For instance, you could work in the hospitality industry, as a customer service employee, or as a sales assistant.

Are you looking for a fun part time job in the lively city of Utrecht? Unique has a wide range of part-time jobs in various sectors and for different availabilities. Whether you want to work a few hours a week alongside your studies, or work more to earn extra; we have the perfect part time job for you.

Jobs in Utrecht: Your career boost starts here!

Working in Utrecht offers numerous advantages. The city is centrally located and easily accessible, but it's also known for its vibrant and creative character. This creates a lot of room for innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to a dynamic work environment. Additionally, Utrecht is rich in history and culture, offering plenty to do even after work hours. Whether you're looking for a starter position or the next step in your career, Utrecht has something for everyone.

Working in North Holland

If you're specifically looking for jobs in North Holland, Utrecht is an excellent choice. The city and its surroundings offer many opportunities for career growth and personal development. Not just in Utrecht itself, but also in surrounding municipalities, there are plenty of vacancies available at various companies and organizations. Want to give your career a boost? Discover all jobs in Utrecht and the rest of North Holland now.

Working at top employers in Utrecht

How you move forward is up to you. Through Unique, you can apply to many top employers for both full-time and part time vacancies in Utrecht. We are continuously looking for candidates for various roles at top employers such as de Volksbank, UWV, and a.s.r. But also in other parts of North Holland, we have interesting employers waiting for you. Whether you live in Utrecht or another city, Unique is eager to help you find your ideal job at a top employer.

Working at a.s.r. in Utrecht

If you choose to work at a.s.r. in Utrecht, you're sure to make a positive impact. This insurer is the place to be if you want to contribute to a fair and sustainable society. At this top employer, you're also assured of good working conditions: a.s.r. has been named one of the best employers in the Netherlands for several years! Through Unique, you can work at a.s.r. in Utrecht as an administrative employee, archive worker, or as a working student.

If you're studying and looking for a fun part-time job in Utrecht, a.s.r. offers the opportunity to gain experience in a sustainable and professional working environment. Through Unique, there are regularly vacancies available for students at a.s.r. in Utrecht.

Working at the municipality of Utrecht

Working for the Municipality of Utrecht means collaborating with more than 4000 colleagues to achieve ideals. The Municipality aims to make Utrecht a pleasant and safe city to work, stay, and live in. It also strives for equal opportunities for all residents of the city. You can apply for special vacancies at the Municipality of Utrecht, such as local tax employee and administrative employee for local taxes. Check all the possibilities on the page Vacancies at the municipality of Utrecht.

Check our open vacancies in the Utrecht region

Utrecht is an attractive city for job seekers. With a central location in North Holland and the largest railway junction in the Netherlands (Utrecht Central), the city is easily accessible. There are plenty of opportunities to work in various sectors. Take a look at the open vacancies in cities around Utrecht:

Jobs in Utrecht by field

Through our website, you'll find various exciting vacancies in Utrecht in different fields. Think of vacancies in technology, administration, and logistics. But also, if you're looking for unique and special vacancies in Utrecht, Unique is the place to be. Whether you're looking for full-time or part-time vacancies, with Unique Utrecht, you'll quickly and easily find the best job in the sector you wish to work in!

Jobs in Utrecht by function

We are continuously looking for candidates for various roles. In Utrecht, you can work as a data entry employee, warehouse worker, customer service employee, or production worker. Apply today for your future job in Utrecht!

Contacting Unique in Utrecht

If you're looking for work in the province of Utrecht, you've come to the right place! Our branch is located near the FC Utrecht stadium and is easily accessible by car and public transport. Feel free to come by for an introductory meeting and discover what we can do for you. Of course, you can also call or email us for more information. Don't wait any longer and visit us at the address of Unique employment agency Utrecht: Herculesplein 100. We look forward to meeting you!


Frequently asked questions about working in Utrecht through Unique

How can I stay informed about new vacancies in Utrecht?

Do you want to get started in Utrecht, but is your ideal job not among the open vacancies? Then send an open application to Unique Utrecht, and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. Together, we'll find the job that fits you perfectly!

Can I also meet Unique in Utrecht in person?

Our consultants are happy to get to know you personally, so we understand who you are and what drives you. You can find Unique in Utrecht at Herculesplein 100.

Does Unique also have part-time jobs for students in Utrecht?

Utrecht is not only a real student city but also home to various colleges and a university that ranks among the best in Europe. That's why you will find a wide range of part-time jobs for students at Unique Utrecht. This way, you can combine your studies or internship well with a part-time job.

How can I apply in Utrecht through Unique?

You can apply directly via Unique's website. Find a nice vacancy, click on 'Apply directly', upload your CV (optional) and send it to us. You will receive a response quickly, and before you know it, you may soon start your new job in Utrecht!